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Interior Solar Shading

Roller Blinds

Serena® Motorised Systems

Achieve comfort and child safety with our Serena® motorized system that will give you precise and convenient control of your window blinds.  Serena® blind system is a versatile and stylish blind that offers privacy and light control for various applications such as: homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and care homes and any application where privacy and light controls are required.

Serena® 100

Serena® 100 GW

Serena® 100 MB


Salire® System

The roller system from Euro Systems® is unique as it can be upgraded to the motorized Serena® version, without replacing any parts in the original blind, even the light gaps remain the same.

Double blinds

With our double bracket it is easy to install both a screen and blackout roller blind in the same window. This allows people to adjust light and heat according to the personal preference at the working station.

Salire® 100

Salire® 100 GW

Salire® 100 MB

Interior Shading

Serena Drapery System

Euro Systems EM95 drapery motor offers unique features with the best solution for your needs and a superior performance with European technology. The motor is universally operated in places like hotel rooms, luxury homes, conference rooms and health care facilities.

Serena® 95 Drapery System

Euro Euro Systems® motors widen your drapery functions with the latest technology in motorization. Drapery motorization is common in today’s world of window management. With our Serena® 95 motorization, your curtains will come alive in more than just one way. The control options available varies from simple remote control till fully home automation at your fingertip and convenience with smartphone, tablet or laptop. 



The optimization of shading in any interior space can lead to very high energy-efficiency. Which is why Euro Systems provides you with an extensive array of high-performance fabrics and distinguished materials to manufacture your custom-made blinds, creating reliable comfort and well-being.



Serge 600

Interior Shading

Motors and Control

When designing an automated solar protection system, you need to consider the reason of why it needs to be motorized. The simplest reason is comfort and the installation is just intended to be easy to control and is the most cost effective. However due to the simple control there is also limitations in control options and integration with other systems like BMS. If you main goal is the highest level of sustainability and smart control of your building, you need a fully automated system with an industry bus control, which will have the option of full solar control of the motorization controlling the blinds to correct position.

Serena Motors

Serena Controls

Serena Sensors

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