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Roller Blinds

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Blinds & Window Orientation

Protecting your windows from the direct sunlight is not 100% guaranteed even with the new generation of low E glass types. The first step is to secure additional light control and minimize direct solar transmission through your windows to provide a healthy interior environment.  

A critical factor is direction or orientation of the window wall to provide maximum shading. The amount of radiation and sun rays depends on which direction the window is facing. Usually, south-facing windows are ideal for natural light all year-round.

Selecting the Right Fabric for Your Roller Blinds

High visible-light transmittance characteristics and low shading coefficients are just two of many problems that have arisen with the expanded varieties and uses of low E glass and the application of ultra-thin Low-E coatings. Glazing must be considered as being very similar to clear glass when selecting a visually transparent blind system.

Visible Light

Visible light is equal to daylight; however, the human eye can only see white light in the light spectrum ranging from 100 nm (UV light) to 1 mm (Infrared light). The sum of colours in the visible spectrum are seen as white.

Fabrics Range


Apollo is a 100 % blackout FR fabric that was designed to create roller blinds with extra-large sizes, its hanging was tested for heights up to 5m. This outstanding heavy, foam-coated blackout fabric remains straight even at such dimensions without curling. Its subtle colours are meticulously selected to ensure its application within the commercial environment. Apollo is available in 5 colours.


CoolView Alu helps you to create natural shade, block sun glare, control indoor temperature, save a tremendous amount of energy on cooling, lighting and heating. It is versatile with an ultra-thin layer of aluminium, highly reflective (up to 74% solar reflection) and helps to control the temperature effectively. With the beautiful transparency you block sun glare without blocking the view, give the inside of your building a more open and spacious appearance enhance the comfortable living and working atmosphere.


Opacus is an anti-bacterial blackout fabric that offers approx. 100 % of UV blockage. The 0700 Series contains flame retardant fabrics that resist fading and offer effective insulation and opacity. Opacus Alu series is composed of opaque vinyl material with aluminum backing, which is appropriate for multimedia areas. The 0760 Series is also flame retardant, resists fading, and provides insulation and opacity at the window wall.


Natte Fabrics provide a clear view to outdoors while maintaining privacy and filtering sunlight. These finely woven fabrics are suitable for wet rooms and allow a comfortable ambience without any extra light and heat. These high-performance sunscreens keep out undesirable sunlight while retaining an un-obscured view of the exterior. Excessive heat also remains outside, so that your room has a pleasant atmosphere.

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